August 10, 2020

Support One First Responder Today

Your donation of $1200 provides complete care for one first responder, or family member, with confidential trauma-informed counsel and therapy. 911AEI ensures each first responder receives the best care, with the help of qualified, vetted counselors and clinicians who serve in local programs. Thank you for you for keeping first responders strong! Your support is saving lives.
August 10, 2020

Open a New Chapter

$150,000 helps open a new program, or chapter, for 911 At Ease International services. The program rollout plan includes agency collaboration, chapter team development, vetting for qualified therapists, marketing materials, full accounting support, and fundraising development. Each program provides support for its local community. Thank you for your contribution with opening a new chapter to keep first responders strong! Your support is saving lives.
April 15, 2020