Trauma-Informed Counseling

Spiritual Care & Chaplaincy 


Healing through Song Writing

Critical Incident Response


Chaplaincy is a well-known support network within responder communities. Chaplains are trained in grief and crisis response to provide emotional and spiritual care. Chaplains have the utmost flexibility to support and serve the first responder community. They are able to attend to persons or families outside the office and can be available during disasters or other crisis events within the community. Chaplains are deployed to minister and provide support with a heart of service.

Referral Services and Reaching Out

There are times when individuals are referred to resources outside the AEI program. Should first responder personnel or an eligible family member decide to use outside resources, they will be responsible for any fees associated with their use.

First responder personnel are encouraged to contact AEI at the first sign of a developing problem. Early assistance is critical in preventing problems from developing into major issues.

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