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    You may be experiencing trauma-related stress injuries if you are struggling with any the following:

    Marital & Family Problems


    Anger Management


    Child/Adolescent Issues

    Parenting Challenges



    Post Traumatic Stress

    Substance Abuse

    Child/Spouse Abuse

    Retirement Concerns

    Career Concerns

    Critical Incident/Trauma

    Financial Issues

    Relationship Concerns

    Anxiety/Panic Attacks


    911AEI does not provide a suicide hotline. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or an emergency please call your local emergency number 9-1-1 or The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 

    911AEI is funded through the generous donations of the communities we serve, so we are not able to take clients who are involved with or expect to be involved in litigation, worker’s compensation or other legal cases. We appreciate your understanding.