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Program Manager: Edward McGillivray
Program Manager Email: [email protected]

Chapter Lead Clinician: Julie R. Stender, MSW, LICSW
Chapter Lead Clinician Email: [email protected]

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Minnesota Chapter Launch

The official launch of the Minnesota Chapter is coming soon.

Chapter Announcements

We would like to thank you for your support of 911 At Ease.

Mike McGrew, the co-founder and CEO, visited Minnesota during the week of November 18th to meet with agencies, board members, and interested others. COVID precautions moved many of our meetings online. We are grateful and humbled to report that every door we knocked on was opened with a warm reception. We met with representatives of Minneapolis Fire, the Police Federation of Minneapolis, Minnesota State Patrol, Backing the Blue Line, The Front Line Foundation, Brighter Days Grief Center, Restoration Ministries and Charlson Meadows. In addition, we were able to connect and brainstorm with members of our Advisory Board. Each meeting led to several additional potential collaborating partners, all of whom we followed up with.

Perhaps the most touching part of the visit is that we received financial contributions from supporters outside of Minnesota who had heard of the challenges our Minnesota first responders have been facing over the past months.

Current status: We have the chapter infrastructure established with our initial Advisory Board, our initial team of clinicians and several first responder agencies interested and awaiting our official launch. Once the financial support is secured, we are ready to officially launch our chapter.

If you or others wish to support the Minnesota Chapter, please visit:

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