Sara Miguelena

Sara Miguelena

Sara Miguelena
Director and Clinical Advisor

Sara Miguelena’s veracious leadership and management as a seasoned counselor is an asset of great value for At Ease. Since 2000, Mrs. Miguelena has served as Executive Director for Safe Haven Maternity Home in Roseburg, Oregon, and is currently their Program Manager. Before this (1988-2000), she was a key participant in the startup of Deer Creek Adolescent Treatment Center, an inpatient adolescent rehabilitation home sponsored by the ADAPT (Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Treatment) program.

Mrs. Miguelena began her career as a Counselor working with persons dealing with issues related to substance abuse. Her ability to identifying and treat addiction disorders, identifying and referring mental health issues, relationship building, and leadership all attributed to her successful achievements in this field.   She developed others in the profession and provided keen oversight, teaching, and facilitation for the counseling of clients and families. Her insight and skilled assessments, diagnosis, and treatment of addiction disorders has helped many persons to deal with issues related to Post Traumatic Stress Injuries, which allowed them to find ways to get their lives “back on track” and moved towards a better direction. Mrs. Miguelena has provided services to adults, children and families, including support with navigating the complexities of criminal history, drugs & alcohol, domestic violence, and homelessness. She contributes to a unique program, directed toward parent and child unification under conditions of Child Welfare. She works closely with the Department of Human Services caseworkers, Probation Officers, Drug Courts, and has also contributed to sensitive Family Decision-making Meetings.

In addition to all of her professional accomplishments and contributions, she gives back through many important ways of service. She works with a team to minister to inmates at the Snake River Prison multiple times per year, annually she goes to Alaska and Guatamala for missions work, and serves on the Roseburg Alliance Church Governing and Finance Board.

Sara Miguelena was born in Youngstown, Ohio, and later moved to California at the age of 7. She grew up near Chino and graduated high school in Ontario. She was educated at Portland State University and received ongoing certifications through Umpqua Community College. Mrs. Miguelena shares over 61 years of marriage with her high school sweetheart, is a mother of four, and grandmother to 8 wonderful children.

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