Dr. Dennis Sempebwa

Dr. Dennis Sempebwa

Dr. Dennis Sempebwa

Dennis was born in Uganda, Africa. For 17 years, he led the award-winning Limit X, one of the continent’s most successful gospel music outfits of all time.

In 2004, he co-founded the International College of Excellence in Chicago, which quickly grew to 22 extension campuses in multiple countries. Dennis is the founder and president of Eagle’s Wings International and The Sahara Wisdom Center, both multi-national corporations, with hubs in 26 countries. He also serves as the president and chancellor of THE 300, a globally accredited ministry training college. He is committed to inspiring transformational thinking in academia, entertainment, business and government institutions around the world.

Dubbed as one of Africa’s new breed of top pragmatic thought-leaders, Dennis has served in over 80 countries and authored 14 books. He is a Global Goodwill Ambassador and a highly sought-after speaker who holds numerous graduate and postgraduate degrees.

Dennis has been married to his beloved wife, Ingrid, for 24 years. They are blessed with five children: Adam, Abigail, Caleb, Judah, and Elijah. They currently reside in Dallas, Texas.

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