Suzanne Torretti

Suzanne Torretti

Suzanne Torretti

Suzanne Torretti’s interest in helping people excel is evident in both her business and charity affiliations.   Since the 1970s, she pioneered women-owned businesses and presented at women’s groups and business workshops for men and women who lack financial security.

Her background includes Vice President of Sales, Ellisco, Inc., sales and management of propriety industrial packaging for big pharma and military component parts for the Department of Defense;

Cofounder of HJ&H Mechanical, servicing convenient stores, and NationWide Environmental, LLC, contracting with multi-state companies, such as RE/MAX.

Currently, Suzanne is CEO of Turris Group, Inc., investment banking/ business consulting for mid-cap companies.


Affiliations include:

  • Speaking for Ourselves, an organization invited to the White House for the signing of the American Disabilities Act.
  • Siblings Group, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, helping siblings grieve from losing a brother or sister to cancer.
  • Freedom Place, a transition home for underaged prostitutes.
  • St John Divine Episcopal Church mentoring program, co-founder and prayer ministry.
  • Glenside Presbyterian Church, Stephen Ministries, founding leader for grief and trauma counseling.

Mrs. Torretti received her BA from Covenant College, Tennessee, and continued graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania. She is published: Suzanne Kerr, 1996.  Slovak Families. M. McGoldrick, J. Giordano, J.K. Pearce, Ethnicity and Family Therapy, 2nd Ed, pages 673-679, New York:  Guilford Press.

Her hobbies include dressmaking and upholstery, yacht restoration and fishing, and traveling the world.

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